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PReS is the most powerful and flexible document composition language in the world. It is a software tool for designing and publishing personalized documents for both transactional and direct marketing applications. PReS can also help to integrate current systems and processes within your organization.

What makes this environment unique amongst leading VDP offerings is that it is based on a language that was designed from the outset to describe the production printing and process automation tasks that are essential to successful VDP production facilities. PReS generated documents can include variable text, pictures, graphics, barcodes and merge data.

Using conditional logic, dynamic documents are created where the entire layout varies with the input, producing documents designed for each individual recipient, rather than a "one-size-fits-all" document.

PReS can then format the document for printing on any high-speed printer and for electronic distribution. This enables your documents to be published as printed pages and/or as emails, web pages, PDF documents, SMS messages, XML files and faxes. And full colour can be used to maximize response rates.

Typical documents are dynamic billing statements, transactional and transpromotional documents, corporate reports, direct mail, customized insurance policies, one-to-one marketing letters, etc.

Text above quoted from Printsoft Website

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Who are We?

We are a small team of PReS programmers working on a range of complicated to simple PReS scripts.

We have set up this site and forum to help with our day to day questions and problem solving.

We were going to set the forum up locally, but we decided to open it up to everyone who develops in PReS. This way we can all share our tips and techniques of how we develop and solve PReS problems. As a result of this we developed PReS Connections.

Please feel free to post on the forum, hopefully over time this can be used as the first place to look when you encounter a problem.

How we use to Look!

2008 - 2014 [www.presconnection.com]

Any Questions?

Please either contact me direct using the contact page, or post on the forum.

Thanks to everybody to date who has contributed to this site and forum.

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